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Our Help Center is your source for valuable information and guidance on using SurgeryBooking. Additionally, we provide assistance with creating an account on SurgeryBooking, granting you access to all the convenient features of our platform.

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General questions

Yes, you can also request a consultation without an account. Please check your email for a response from the clinic (also check your spam and junk mail folders).
If you're not logged in, go to the 'Password reset page' ( and click on 'forgot password' to receive an email to reset your password. If you're already logged in, go to your account settings, under which you can click on 'Send password reset link'. A password reset link will be sent to the linked email. Follow the steps in the email to change your password.
To leave a review, you need to be logged in. Go to the clinic's profile and click on 'Write a review' under 'Reviews'.
Fill out the consultation request form at the bottom of the clinic's profile. The clinic will then contact you. With a profile on SurgeryBooking, you receive the response in your inbox as well as via email. Without a profile, you receive the response only via email.
No, SurgeryBooking is free to use.
No, SurgeryBooking does not offer travel arrangements; we only assist in finding the right clinic for your procedure.
Your personal information is safe with us; we adhere strictly to GDPR regulations. For more information, see our 'Privacy policy' (
Once sent, consultation requests cannot be changed. We advise you to cancel your old request and submit a new request with the correct information.
For problems or complaints, please contact our customer service at